Frequently Asked Questions

What are the easily customizable elements of the StreamLined 2 package?

You can edit text and insert images without knowledge of CSS. Changing the colors, fonts, and layout of the templates howeve, will require knowledge of CSS. We do not recommend changing template architecture, as it can produce unexpected results. Our template will act just as your other HubSpot templates, but keep in mind all changes done to the templates must be made to a "clone" as you cannot edit the master template

How do I change the header background via css to black, where the logo and menu live. I have tried it all and can’t get it to change.

This would be a CSS change. Find the class of "header wrap" on line 513. Change "rgba(0,0,0,.85)" to "black" without the quotations and the header color will change. Make sure to save and everything should check out.

How to I control the related posts at the bottom of the blog post. It is not showing any right now.

The related post feature dynamically pulls blog posts that are related to the current one that the user is on using a complex formula that looks at blog post titles as well as keywords.

If this feature is not showing up, send a message and we will troubleshoot this problem.

I just purchased your template and am seeing that my blog doesn't look the same as the demo blog. Are you able to share the CSS file with me or point me in the right direction to make some of those tweaks?

The StreamLined 2 stylesheet comes with every template purchase. Double check that the style sheet is correctly attched to the templates you are using. In the template editor view, select "Edit Head" under the "Edit" tab. Then attach the StreamLined css file and click save.

I am looking to replace our current site template. I like your streamlined template. Does it contain all the rollover effects of your home page? I basically want my home page to operate and somewhat resemble just as your site does.

StreamLined 2 has its own unique set of custom templates and it's own custom stylesheet. There are similarities between StreamLined 2 and our website, but they are fully unique templates and styles from one another. If you would like a website that is more similar to our corporate site, we would be happy to figure out how we can make that happen.

Is there a way to limit the amount of posts on the main page so that my page doesn’t have to keep loading all the posts as I scroll down to the bottom menu?

Our template features an endless scroll function for the blog listing page – Ours is the only one on the template marketplace that includes this feature. If you would like to remove this feature, on the template view for the blog listing page, click on "Edit Listing Template." On line 101, change "false" to "true." Now you can manipulate the number of posts on this page through content settings, which is the HubSpot default way to manipulate this number.

Is there a way to change which button is blue in the menu bar?

Right now, that particular style is applied to whatever would be the last item in your site map that is being displayed in the top bar. This would be a CSS change if you would like to remove this feature, or customize the shape, color, size, or font.

When I buy this template pack, where will the files live? Do I need to set up a subdomain?

When you buy the template pack, site pages and site maps do not transfer over. You will just receive templates and a stylesheet which you can then use to create new pages and blogs. We highly recommend creating test pages/blogs to make sure things look the way you want them to before going live.

I just bought the whole template pack, but I only see 6 page templates. Where are the rest of the templates?

The StreamLined 2 template pack is actually made up of 4 blog templates and 6 page templates. Although the team listing page and the team member page don't look like blogs, they actually are so that we can serve up dynamic content for the team listing listing page.

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