It's All About Being


Streamlined is the culmination of


Gallons of
Elbow Grease


Cups of Dark
Roast Coffee


Of the World's
Brightest Minds


Incredibly Brilliant
Idea After Another


Consecutive Days
Spent Indoors

Streamlined Advanced Functionality Includes

Parallax Scrolling

An effect that moves different backround elements at different speeds as you scroll.

Endless Scroll

On blog listing pages, blog posts are loaded dynamically as the user scrolls down the page, as opposed to clicking a “Next” button to view additional posts.

Post Sorting by Topic

A unique experience that allows users to easily sort information based on topics. On click, the page content will rearrange itself in a quick and smooth animation.

Custom Easy Slider

Set caption backgrounds, and add as many slides as you want. (Coming Soon: Optionally choose fading or sliding animations for image overlays and text.) 


The New Breed Team is certified throughout Hubspot Academy

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Why is this Important?

Hubspot is all about education and knowledge sharing. Hubspot has created a series of classes and certifications to keep marketers on the cutting edge of best practices and latest techniques.

Being fully certified in all of Hubspot’s different areas of education means that we have built StreamLined through the lens of the premier COS developer, the premier inbound marketer, the premier HubSpot software user. This is all done in order to create a template that not only looks beautiful and is functionally seamless, but has the ideas of lead generation and driving ROI in top priority. 

Our certifications are a guarantee that we truly understand, believe in, respect, and keep up with the latest trends in HubSpot, inbound marketing, and website design & development.